Jill Todd Photographic Award


The Jill Todd Photographic Award is an annual photography competition for recent photography student and graduates. The previous website required updating so a new replacement website was agreed upon.

The website is heavily focused on imagery, showcasing past and current winners and their work. It also serves as the means for users to enter the competition.

Key features

Competition Process

The competition itself is a multi-stage process which required a bespoke form implementation:

  1. Entrants are required to register before entering the competition. This involves the entry of details such as their name, contact details as well as university/college and course details.
  2. Once registered users are required to pay an entry fee. This payment is taken via PayPal.
  3. The user may then submit between 5 and 12 images for the competition.

This competition uses a bespoke module developed for this site specifically to prevent the stages being done out of order.

JTPA registration
JTPA registration

PayPal API

Fee payments are taken via PayPal. Users are redirected to PayPal to make a payment then taken to the next stage of the competition. The site integrates with PayPal’s Instant Payment Notifications (IPN) in order to keep track of who has paid the fee and who hasn’t. Data is also stored so that individual payments can be verified with PayPal.

Custom Judge Admin

In order to make the judging process as easy as possible a custom user role was created. This user role is unburdened with the full website CMS and instead features a unique area to review entrants details. Additionally there is a competition entry review area where judges can view submitted images or even download them as a zip file for offline review.